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Do They Know It’s Christmastime?

December 21, 2011

My favorite Christmas song is “Do they Know it’s Christmastime”– yes, that cheesy Band-Aid song from the 80s. It might be a little embarrassing for me to admit, but there is something about that tune that always makes me stop, sing along…and reflect. The general message of the song is to think of those less fortunate than so many and give some thanks for what we have. The chorus calls out “Feed the world, let them know it’s Christmastime!” The intent of this chorus is to call out to everyone to literally feed the world with bread and water, giving to those who otherwise would go hungry.

The SPO Women's Household shares the joy of Christmastime with each other

But, I often think of another, less concrete, way many are hungry and in need of food. I see these hungry hearts often on High Street, sitting in the ODU library, lounging in the Ohio Union or lunching in the Griffin Center.  These souls are hungry for acceptance, love, community, God! They are in search of lasting joy and peace wished to all this time of year. Yet, surrounded by red and green decorations, do they know it’s here? Do they know it’s Christmastime?

Some know the Christmas spirit all year long, but others hardly feel it at all. And for those who know it’s Christmas I say, tell the world! Let them know – unto us a child is born, a Son is giv’n! Many times it is by proclaiming this good news that we hear it as if for the first time.  We can proclaim the Christmas joy in many ways, from a smile and kind word to inviting someone over for a homemade dinner and loving conversation. It is these small touches that say “Christmastime is Here”.

So, as the day draws near, let us proclaim Christmastime! I leave you will yet another Christmas favorite, to help us remember what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown. Enjoy!

Submitted by Sarah Deak, Development Coordinator

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